Clerodendrum bungei - 10Litre


The Glory Flower is a large suckering shrub with large green leaves, purple tinged when young holding from Spring to Autumn large round heads of pink flowers fading to large red seed heads. 

Leaves: Green

Type: Deciduous.  

Aspect: Full sun or partial shade.

Suitable Soils: Chalk, clay, sand or loam. 

Pot Size: 10Litre


Plant this with a good quality compost such as Organic Garden Compost feed twice a year with a good all round feed such as Vitax Q4. We also recommend to keep the soil moist so as ensuring the most regular growth habit. 

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Clerodendrum bungei - 10Litre
Clerodendrum bungei - 10Litre
Clerodendrum bungei - 10Litre