Rotherhill Nurseries is a producer and supplier of both hardy and non-hardy nursery stock to the landscaping and general retail sectors.

Rotherhill Nurseries is a single entirety with a single site. This policy covers our single site.

Rotherhill Nurseries is committed to operating and working in a manner that promotes good plant health as far as it is reasonable and practicable to do so, by ensuring that relevant plant health regulations are known and understood, ensuring that staff are trained and able to carry out the duties required of them by the company’s Plant Health Management System and that the company’s suppliers are selected with due consideration to plant health.

Rotherhill Nurseries is committed to continual improvement of its Plant Health Management System.

Rotherhill Nurseries will endeavour to comply with the Plant Healthy – Plant Health Management System standard.

It is the responsibility of the Partnership to implement this policy across the site leasing with managers and staff.

The Partnership and Managers will ensure that they and their staff are made aware of Plant Health issues that might be affected and influenced by company activities.

This will be achieved by:

  • To carry out a Pest Risk Analysis for the business and review annually
  • To ensure the business has designated persons responsible for plant health, and ensure they are
  • adequate trained.
  • To ensure the business remains up to date with all plant health legislation by close partnership with
  • relevant parties, for example DEFRA.
  • To have a system in place for the identification and quarantine of regulated pests and disease on the
  • Nurseries and to review it regularly.
  • To have written records of all P&D across the site.
  • Producing crops responsibly following current Codes of Practice, regulations, assessing risks to Plant Health and taking into consideration the risk associated with plants and suppliers used.
  • Promoting and encouraging good plant health in planting schemes through specialist advice and growing a wide range of plant species not thought vulnerable to pest and disease.
  • To train all relevant staff in Plant Health best practice.
  • To ensure the business has best practice in place for good husbandry standards across the Nurseries
  • To ensure that all suppliers and contractors are fully aware of our Plant Health controls and follow
  • these standards whilst working with Rotherhill Nurseries.
  • To communicate with all staff the importance of Plant Health and the relevant procedures we have in place to manage good compliance.
  • To ensure that Plant Health is part of our continual improvement cycle and is reviewed at least once
  • per year.
  • Maintaining a Plant Health Management System following the Plant Healthy Management Standard.


Rotherhill Nurseries will make this policy available to all staff, customers, suppliers, contractors and the general public.


Partner: David Burton

Partner: Ann Burton

Partner: Michael Burton

Partner: Jemma Hunt

Manager: Lincoln Cray

Manager: Hannah Burton