Taxus - 3Litre


This size plant is ideal for planting a new short hedge

Yew is the epitome of english garden style which creates iconic, long lasting topiary. Yew is a native British evergreen, fruiting with highly poisonous red berries in winter.

Leaf colour: Green.

Type: Evergreen.

Aspect: Full sun partial shade or full shade. 

Soil Type: Sand, clay, chalk, or loam.

Pot Size: 3Litre

Recommended planting distance: 3 per meter.


Plant this with a good quality peat free compost like Organic Garden CompostFeed twice a year with a good all round feed such as Vitax Q4. We also recommend to keep the soil moist so as ensuring the most regular growth habit.



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Taxus - 3Litre
Taxus - 3Litre